"Icarus" by Klouns Theatre Company

By The Hive Collaborative (other events)

6 Dates Through Apr 23, 2022


Why did Icarus fall? Tradition says pride, but perhaps it was merely ignorance? Maybe a scientific need to understand how the sun works? Could he have fallen in love with the God Apollo? The possibilities are endless, and so is the charm of this terrific ensemble as they reinvent and reimagine the well known Greek myth of the Athenian who flew too close to the sun. Guaranteed to be a comedic and emotional hit for all in attendance!

Presented by Klouns Theatre Company; Icarus is a new work devised through the theatrical art of clowning. 

Created by ensemble members Bailey King, Riki Squire, Laura Chapman, Marguerite Morgan, Skylar Lees, McKell Petersen and Cleveland McKay Nicoll.

Mailing Address

290 W. 600 S. Provo, UT 84601